I have captured a moment, when STEEM is worth exactly 1 USD and SteemDollar is... not

Somehow I consider this funny, so I decided to make a screenshot of it :)


BTW, I think we should discuss, how we are going to fix this situation. I mean, it would be much better if STEEM would cost $1.73 and SteemDollar $1.00 :)

But being serious. I know, that Steem has mechanisms which could help increase value of SBD in case it would go below 1 USD (like additional interest set by witnesses). What we can actually do to help SBD return to desired price?

I heard that so high price is a consequence of troubles of bitfinex and problem of USDT: Selection_999(009).png

How long you think this situation really can take? I never thought that I would say that.. but if SBD will not serve its role, I would prefer to not have it in the system. Peg assets are great for merchants... (if they works). If we will not figure out how to fix this situation, I would prefer to have simpler to explain system.