New SteepShot is released! - Here you have a VIDEO with demo of new logging mechanism, by QR code! :) No more typing of long posting keys!

As you can read in "Steepshot - Android alpha 0.0.2. New registration, new set of identity, QR-codes and more.", SteepShot has a new release! :)

Let's clarify, I am not a part of SteepShot team, but this not stops me being very excited about new version of this App, and there are couple of reasons:

  • I asked about this new release many times on (I even had a change to got to testing unreleased verion! :)
  • (not being modest), I was the person who asked for QR codes which could be used for logging :)

After posting this proposition as #growh-idea a @sneak (really important guy at Steemit) responded:


Just to remind you, eSteem also has this feature implemented lately :)

Ok... let's take a look on an App :)


PS. I have already changed my password, so don't bother trying to use private key visible on video ;)