What if user would be able to import key from permission tab with user friendly QR codes?

Right now if you want to use mobile app like eSteem or Steepshot very first step after installing the app is extremely painful - you need to manually type generated very secure but extremely long and inconvenient password.

On boarding should be as easy as possible. Of course "Steem Login and Signing Service for Third-Party Applications " which is mentioned in Steemit 2017 Roadmap should solve this problem, but it is planned for Q3.

In the meantime something simpler could be build and integrated with steemit permission tab:

Blue QR for public keys: steem_pub2.png

Red QR for private keys: steem_pub.png!

Possible integration:

Selection_834.png (posting key used in this example is not real ;))


In recent years applications like Snapchat have popularised the usage of QR codes. They are simple, fun and powerful. We should make sure that developers of 3rd-party applications can onboard steem users in their apps easily.

So far this is just an idea, but I am very curious what you think about that. Also... I would like to know what developers of mobile apps build on top of Steem network are thinking about this idea: (CC: @good-karma, @pmartynov, @vitality, @anch, @korzunav, @kirill.volkov, @nikitz)

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